Thursday, December 13, 2018

this is all the stuff i know about my cute cousins but sadly i see only a few times a year they live in south auckland

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

in the future

Paris is my dream place just trying all kinds of things taking some photos in front of the most popular place in Paris in the future i'm so going to Paris.
             Christmas means giving family time being grateful and the birth of Jesus Christ birth.
Do you know how one human bean travels around the whole world just in one night tell me how he does it ?               
I thought stoping time did you?
Merry Christmas everyone hope you are going to have lots of fun on christmas day thank you

Friday, November 16, 2018

 WALT: we have been learning about endangered species in my  class and at Auckland Zoo.
I really loved learning about animals around the world and sharing what i know about CHIPP on my blog. 

  WALT: we have been learning about how to make a poster in google drawing about Halloween if we want to celebrate Halloween our not i said yes we should celebrate Halloween
i have 4 reason why we should celebrate Halloween and 1 for why we shouldn't celebrate Halloween
do you think we should we celebrate Halloween our not?
what l loved was trying to choosing photos and images on google drawing. 

Friday, November 2, 2018

Te Kauru 2018 -(Writing 2nd Draft)

Scorpion kart
  1.                                time with friends waiting in line😃
                                    most funniest ride ever😎

                scariest ride at rainbows end the fear fall 10 seconds                   going up 5 seconds at the top 2 seconds going down wow😖

With fear and excitement entering Rainbows End running toward scorpion karts.
A worker started the motors clank crick ZOOM!
Mrs Windleborn in the lend Rhaven just on her tail,
but I just race right passed Rhaven “Woohoo!” Brylee’s kart stopped like 8 or 9 times. BANG! “Oops, sorry Rhaven I didn’t know we don’t lound bumping” I said. “Yeah right.” After going around 8 time non stop a red light flickers right in front of me all of us stopped the man said “Come back to the start!” I follow Mrs Windleborn with Rhaven and Brylee behind me. CRRRRRR CLANK BOOM! “sorry guys” “KEIRA”! Off we go running towards the FEARFALL dun, dun dunnnnnn.